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Gara Yaka(Gara Demon - Sri lankan Traditional Wooden Mask)
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Gara Yaka(Gara Demon - Sri lankan Traditional Wooden Mask)
Size (Approx)- 8 x 14 x 3.5 Inches Weight -340 g Material - "Kaduru" - Snake wood tree Type of the object - Mask , Wall Hanging Belief - Remove Evil Eye Country of Origin - Sri Lanka (Ceylon) MASKS OF SRI LANKA Masked dance rituals of Sri Lanka's southern coast is a rich and fascinating field, Often called ‘Devil Dance’, known as ‘Devol Natuma’. This dance is based on the belief that there are a number of mysterious benevolent and malevolent beings who have to be constantly placated and pacified. The ceremonies are performed by special priests and are associated with the Goddess Pattini and the dance rituals are supposed to eliminate a variety of ailments. Like the other two forms, drumming constitutes an important part of this dance and as well consists of 216 drum beats and 32 Talams. The ritualistic ‘demon dances’ are of great interest to a student of exorcism. For the collector, these ritual masks represent a sophisticated folk art form; beautiful and mysterious. Carved of wood and pigmented with natural hues and resins, these masks are infused with a spirit and animation which command attention. Within the context of the dance they are hypnotizing. Taken out of that context and viewed on their own they are masterpieces of a rich folk art tradition. GARA YAKA (GARA DEMON) Hand carved wooden ritual mask from Sri Lanka. The Gara demon masks are used to represent the Gara demons in the Gara Yakuma assosiated with Tovil and in the final of the Devolmaduva and Gammaduva ceremonies. The ceremony ends with the Gara demons performing a ritual dance called the ves pama or gara pama. As well as people hang Gara mask on their new house/building to remove evil eye & mouth. This mask has the terrifying appearance of a demon, well expressed and enhanced by the detailing of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Three cobra hoods rise from the middle of the forehead, the two side ones rest above the eyebrows. (A leaf pattern arrangement serves as eyebrows.) The lotus shaped ornamental ears can be detached. The mask has a broad nose. The mouth has an evenly arranged rows of teeth, set in a grinning expression. Two tusks have been fixed. The painting is well done and well preserved. Enjoy your shopping here ..........!!!
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